War Cemetery for Civilians in Pforzheim

Pictures and text by Mark R. Hatlie

These pictures were taken on 15 April in Pforzheim. This section of the cemeterry is near the center of the cemetery. It is not directly near the war graves of the soldiers (see World War One and Second World War graves.)

These vaguely-human figures are the centerpiece of the memorial ensemble.
Most of the area is covered with widely-spaced individual markers.
Not all are for people from Pforzheim or for people killed in the air raid of Febraury, 1945. This man died in 1942.
She died in 1940.
The large letters along the wall read, "For the seventeen thousand victims of 23 February, 1945".
There are numerous markers listing lots of names. These are presumably the air raid dead.
This is one of the entry portals to this section of the cemetery.

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