World War One Cemetery in Pforzheim

Pictures and text by Mark R. Hatlie

These pictures were taken on 15 April, 2006. The "Cemetery of Honor" for the fallen during the First World War is located to the left near the entrance to the main cemetery in Pforzheim.

This is not the view looking back at the entrance to the cemetery, but the view at the entrance to the WW1 section of the cemetery. The main cemetery entrance is to the left.
There are several of these smaller sections.
Most of the crosses are in the main section.
This is the centerpiece of the ensemble.
The top plaque reads, "Dr. Karl Schweickert / mayor / born 22 June, 1877 fell 9 October, 1917 / as captain / and batallion commander in regt. 470 / in Poelkapelle Flanders." The smaller white stone bears no writing.

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