Memorial to Andreas Counis, Pforzheim

Pictures and text by Mark R. Hatlie

These pictures were taken on 15 April, 2006 in the cemetery at Pforzheim. The marker is located in its own little, hedged-off section. It is a memorial to a Andreas Counis. He was a soldier of a Dragoon regiment and involved in the May 12, 1849 mutiny against the Baden minister of war in Rastatt. He was convicted of mutiny and disloyalty and executed on 12 September, 1849 in Rastatt. (Source: Karlsruhe homepage)

The surrounding graves - the rows of crosses - are the dead from the Second World War. The obelisk is typical of the 19th century.

The front reads, "In remembrance of Andreas Counis / 15 September, 1849 / Dedicated by Adam Counis."
The back reads, "Here lie the bloody remains of my unforgettable brother."

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