Memorial to Fallen P2V Airmen at Whidbey Island

Pictures and text by Stephen Tynes

This memorial is dedicated to all the fallen soldiers who operated the P2V aircraft, the predecessor to the current P-3 Orion. Over 50 fallen soldiers are honored on this simple, but heartfelt memorial. This memorial is focused only on personnel stationed at Whidbey Island in Whidbey Island Squadrons.

A zoomed out view of the memorial. A single soldier stands guard over the fallen souls of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in support of VP operations.
A close-up view of the memorial.
It reads, "This memorial is dedicated to all the United States Navy personnel who served on Navy patrol squadrons based at NAS Whidbey Island and to the many Whidbey airmen who lost their lives in VP operations / We honor them all."

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