Memorial to 1943 Liberation of the City in Volterra, Italy

Pictures and text by Erica Reid

The memorial is in the city of Volterra, Italy. I took the pictures on September 29, 2008 and I thought it would be difficult to locate because of the size of it but once we got to the spot it was easy to recognize. There was so many other memorials to see around the location and it did not stand out as much as the others. Thus, you are already participating in memorial culture. Your emphasis should bei on describing and analyzing it, however. The memorial commemorates the 40th anniversary of the Liberation of Italy and all those men that have fallen at the battle for the city of Volterra against the Germans. The memorial was unveiled exactly 40 years after the Liberation on July 9, 1984.

This is a photo of one of the castle towers and the plaques are mounted on the wall of this castle.
This is an overall view of the four plaques where they were mounted on the castle wall.
This plaque depicts soldiers entering Volterra and below it in Italian it says " This brings the soldiers allies Entered Volterra 40th anniversary of Liberation 9 July 1944 - 9 July 1984".
This plaque depicts the thousands of people that died in Nazi camps and in Italian it says that this plaque was made in memory of the 40,000 that had fallen for freedom in the Nazi camps and that it was made by the National Association Former Internees.
This plaque is in honor of the men that fell in resistance against the Nazis and it lists the names of different soldiers.
This is another plaque that displays the names of the men that lost their lives against the Nazis. This plaque has pictures of the men that died while fighting in Volterra next to their name.
This is just a closer look of the previous picture just to show the pictures and the names of a couple of the men.

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