Soviet Victory Monument in Vienna

Pictures by Douglas Gleeson, text by Mark R. Hatlie

These pictures were taken on 15 May, 2005 in Vienna. Background information on this memorial is available at

The curved row of columns is similar to other Soviet memorials, such as the newer one in Moscow, and to the American World War Two memorial on the Washington mall.
The large gold letters over the columns read, "Eternal glory to the heroes of the Red Army who fell in battle with Germano-fascist occupiers - for the freedom and independence of Europe."
The front of the monument is the order by Stalin as highest commanding marshal of the Soviet armed forces reiterating the accomplishments of the various troops in the battle for the city and praising particular units, listed by the names of their commanding officers. The side lists the names of men who died as heros in the battle for Vienna.
The Soviet soldier at the top is in full battle gear, carrying a Soviet banner and the Soviet coat of arms.

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