Memorial Plaques at the Maritime Museum in Tallinn

Pictures and text by Mark R. Hatlie

These pictures were taken on 27 June, 2006. The maritime museum is on the edge of the old town right by the harbor. There are three memorial plaques on the front.

The first recalls the Polish submarine Orzel that was interned here in Tallinn after having escaped the Nazis in September 1939. After refueling it escaped from Tallinn and the Soviets used this as an excuse to issue its ultimatum to Estonia for the establishment of Red Army bases on Estonian terrority, claiming that Estonia was not capable to controlling its territorial waters.
The second plaque recalls the aid given to Estonia by Great Britain during the turmoil at the end of World War One when Estonia was fending off German, White Russian and Soviet threats.
The third recalls Estonians who served in the Finnish navy.during World War Two.

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