Military Cemetery in St. Symphorien

Pictures and text by LaSharon Hampton

These pictures were taken on 12 May 2010. The site is two kilometers east of Mons, Belgium. The cemetery was built by the Germans in 1914 after the Battle of Mons. What is significant about this cemetery it has both German and British Soldiers who fought in the war.

The main entrance into the cemetery; has two pillar(left side) name of cemetery with visit book and (right side) has a dedication
General pictures of the cemetery; you can see an observer walking the grounds
There are several very manicure paths you can take to view the cemetery
The Obelisk dedicated by German Soldiers with inscription;
It reads, "In memory of the German and English Soldiers who fell in action near Mons on 23 and 24 August 1914" (Zum Gedaechnis der am 23. - 24. August 1914 in den Kämpfen bei Mons gefallenen deutschen und englischen Soldaten)
Statue of The Cross of Sacrifice which is well known in Commonwealth cemeteries
Steps which leads to the memorial; which is the highest point of the cemetery
Words on an unknown Soldiers Tomb

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