Russian Memorial to the fallen in the siege of Riga, 1710, Latvia

Pictures and text by Mark R. Hatlie

These pictures were taken on Lutzow Island in Riga, Latvia, on 10 July, 1999. The island can be reached from the bridge. I had heard that the memorial was for 200 Russian soldiers who died defending or attacking this island during the 1710 siege of Riga, after which the province of Livonia was added to the Russian Empire. I went to the place on that anniversary, but I missed the ceremony.

It is a beautiful place for a monument, especially at this time of year. The area is surrounded by small, private gardens.
The stone reads, "10 July, 1891. This monument was erected on the voluntary initiative of the Livonian Governor Lieutenant General M.A. Zinonev." There were fresh flowers and a ribbon reading, "For the killed soldiers. The Synod of the Orthodox Church of Latvia."

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