Memorial to the war dead of the VEF factory in Riga

Pictures and text by Mark R. Hatlie

These pictures were taken in Riga during the first week of September, 2007. The memorial is located in the inner courtyard of what used to be the famous VEF electrotechnology factory.

What is now used as a parking lot might well have been a walkway between the factory buildings and perhaps a ceremonial space. The same courtyard has a ruined fountain. The grass and weeds are unkept.
The letters have fallen off or have been removed. At closer look, however, the wording is still readable: "Eternal glory to the VEF-ites who did not return alive for the Soviet homeland in the Great Patriotic war (Muziga slava VEFiesiem nau atgri??? musu dzivibu par Padomju dzimteni Lielaja tevijas kara).

The visit to this location was paid for by a research grant from the
American Public University System.
"Educating those who serve."

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