Memorial to the Flugtag '88 airshow catastrophe in Ramstein, Germany

Pictures and text by Peter Brestak

The memorial is just outside the west gate near Ramstein AB, Germany. These pictures were take on 28 September 2008 with the exception of one that was taken by a friend (Fred Gamblin) on the 20th anniversary 28 Aug 2008 that has the man standing in front of the stone. It was built in 1995. It commemorates the Flugtag '88 air show disaster at Ramstein AB, Germany on 28 Aug 1988. On the nearby base, there is another memorial.

Sign and stone pointing the direction of the second memorial near the West gate at Ramstein AB, Germany.
Close-up of the stone. It reads "To Memorial".
View of the path leading to the west gate memorial site.
Panoramic view from outside the memorial site. It is nestled within the trees in a shaded area.
A closer look of the memorial from the path next to it. The path leads to the west end of Ramstein AB. Here you can see two benches donated from the Italian and US Air Force.
View of the memorial from behind the benches.
The benches that were donated from the Italian Air Force and the United States Air Force.
The upper portion reads "To the memory of the killed humans by the flight disaster of Ramstein on 28.8.1988"
The center section that has all the names of the individuals that died because of the accident. There are 69 names listed in alphabetical order with their birth dates. The youngest was 5 and the oldest was 68. Only one line reading "Unborn beautiful" has no birth date; most likely and unborn child that died with its mother.
The lower portion reads "And to commemorate the victims and who died following".
This is a poem written "To the memory of the victims" from "An eye-witness". The poem is framed and located at the lower right in front of the memorial stone.
A man standing in front of the memorial during the 20th anniversary of the tragedy on 28 August 2008. This is the first time he has returned since the disaster happened. He was 12 years old at the time.

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