Fallen Aviator Memorial in Nuremberg, Germany

Pictures and text by Shawn Havens

This memorial is directly behind the Ehrenhalle (Hall of Honor) in Nuremberg, Germany. The photos were taken 30 August 2008.

The back of the Ehernhalle with the "Aviator Memorial" or Fliegerdenkmal
Close up picture of the Aviator Memorial.
Picture of the base of the pillar words at the base stating "to warn the living"
Picture of German Luftwaffe combat helmet with olive branches
Center of pillar with the words "Our fallen comrades Nurnberg Furth"
A picture of an eagle with a wreath wrapped around it and a symbol of the Luftwaffe "German Air force" only the swastika was removed.
Top of pillar with the German national emblem that was worn on the aviators cap

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