Memorial to mass execution of Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies in Novi Sad

Pictures and text by John David Smith

This memorial is in Novi Sad, Serbia next to the Danube river. The statue was built in 1971 and it stands for the mass shooting of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies by Hungarian fascists in 1942.

The statue to the victims of the shooting is shown in this picture. The Petrovaradin Fortress can be seen in the background.
Far shot of the statue. To the left and right of the statue you can see in the Danube river two pillars of the Franc Josef bridge that was built in 1883. It was destroyed in April 11, 1941 by the military of the former Kingdom of Yugoslavia to prevent Germans from entering the city.
To the right of the statue is a walk way called Kej. Bottom of the picture is reading in Hungarian, Serbian, Slovakian, and Hebrew language and it translates to: "To the Victims of the Raid."
Close up shot of the statue with the Danube river in the background.
Left side of picture is a list of names of the victims. Across the river is part of old Novi Sad City.
Translated from Serbian Cyrillic "In Novi Sad on 21st, 22nd, and 23rd in January 1942, The Hungarian Military with helpers killed more than 1,300 innocent woman, children, men and elders. "Eternal honor to the victims of the raid." More than 1,300 names are recorded on the tablets, but more than 4,000 were killed.
This quote is translated from Serbian Cyrillic "Memories are Statues tougher than a stone. If we are humans we must forgive but not forget."
This is a list of the victims that were recorded. To the left of the star are the Jewish victims and to the left of the cross are the Christian victims. In the background we can see a bridge called "Rainbow" that was built after the NATO bombing in 1999.
Clear picture of the fortress, Danube river and the names of the victims. The blank tablet represents the victims that were never found.

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