Sicily-Rome American Cemetery and Memorial

Pictures and text by James Smith

These photos were taken on location, July 19, 2008, at the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery and Memorial, Nettuno, Italy, 38 miles south of Rome.

Main entryway into the memorial
Just as you enter the cemetery, you will find this elliptical reflecting pool directly ahead. The island in the center, you see a stone cenotaph of bronze-colored travertine in the shape of a sarcophagus. In the far background, you find the memorial building.
This is one of the many headstones within the cemetery. There are 7,861 American troops and her allies buried on the site, with 7, 860 headstones.
A broader angle of some of the headstones.
A pittosporum hedge and Roman pines line the various sections of headstones.
Main walking path that leads to the memorial.
The memorial itself consists of a chapel and a small museum.
"Brothers-in-Arms"- Portraying the deeds and friendships of both the soldiers and sailors.
This map depicts the areas were the Americans landed during this part of the war.
Capturing Sicily.
Inside the chapel.
South garden with Armillary Sphere in background.
North garden of the memorial.
All rows of headstones are arranged in gentle arcs of this style.

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