World War I and II Memorial in Munich, Germany

Pictures and text by Craig S. Clark

These pictures were taken on 8 August 2007 in Munich Germany in front of the Bavarian State Chancellery building.

Memorial in front of the Chancellery, like a Crypt.
This is on the front panel of the memorial ,"Sie Werden Auferstehen" - close translation "They Will Rise Again"
Possible images of angles on the pillars
These mounds with crosses were on panels on either end of the memorial
These figures are on the panels next to the mounds with crosses and it seems to symbols soldiers rushing to the defence of their country.
Flower laid over his chest speaks that memorial has some meaning
Soldier is in perfect form battle ready
This inscription is on the wall of the crypt above the soldiers on his left, the translation tells that the memorial was commissioned by the Munich District, it further mentions how many soldiers were killed in World War I, 13,000 and that they were "Favoured Hero Sons"
This inscription is on the wall list the district members of Munich.

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