Marietta National Cemetery, Georgia

Pictures and text by Chris Sallas

The cemetery is the final resting place for soldiers who have died in Georgia and those who have lived in Georgia, and it covers all periods of U.S. wars fought.

"The Marietta National Cemetery was established in 1866 to provide a suitable resting place for the nearly 10,000 Union dead from Sherman's Atlanta Campaign". The property was offered by Henry Cole, a Union merchant, as a symbol for peace. He refused payment for the property in hopes that the money could be put to better use. As a result of his actions, he was given a memorial plot in the cemetery for his family members and him - it's now known as the Cole Plot. "Marietta National Cemetery was laid out by Union Army Chaplain Thomas B. Van Horne, who also laid out the Chattanooga National Cemetery" . "Marietta National Cemetery was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on Sept. 18, 1998". (source)

Headstone of Private Dennis B. Buckley (Medal of Honor.)
Headstone of an Unkown Soldier.
2nd Divison, 20th AG engraved on its memorial.
Epitaph engraved on the memorial.
Another Epitaph on the memorial.
Engraved names of battles involving the 2nd Division, 20th AG.
Full view of the front of the memorial.
Headstone of John H. Dickerson, Spanish-American War (my great-grandfather.)
Me with the headstone of John H. Dickerson.

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