Memorial and Buriel Site to the Fallen of the Franco-Prussian War in Marburg

Pictures and text by Mark R. Hatlie

These pictures were taken on 13 Februrary, 2006 in the main city cemetery of Marburg. According to the cemetery broschure, the marker was designed by one Carl Schaefer. No other information is immediately available.

The marker is located in the oldest part of the cemetery among the other graves. The military markers to other wars are located in the same cemetery further up the hill.
The back of the monument.
The wreath is from the Bund der Kriegsblinden e.V. (Association of War Blind).
The front reads, "To the defenders of the Fatherland in the battles of 1870-1871 woh are resting here dedicated by the city of Marburg".
The sides list a total of 25 fallen. Their name, home city and military unit are listed.
The back bears an iron cross in the style of 1870 with the "W" for Kaiser Wilhelm surrounded by oak leaves.

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