Marburg Memorial to Four Rebels Shot in Kassel

Pictures and text by Mark R. Hatlie

These pictures were taken on 13 Februrary, 2006 in Marburg. The marker is located up on top of the hill which dominates the town. It is not at the castle, however, but several hundred meters down the road, past the Herder Institute.

The monument was erected more than 100 years after the events it memorializes and thus reflects more about Germany in 1910 than in 1809. Some background to the event which helps explain the memorial can be found at the Loyal American Regiment page. It turns out that one of the men mentioned on the plaque had fought in the American Revolutionary War.

The marker stands in a small park-like clearing near where cars first reach the top of the hill.
It reads, "Andreas Emmerich - Colonol / Joh.-Heinrich Sternberg - Marburg university professor / Daniel Muth - Hessian non-commissioned officer from Ockershausen / Wendel Günther - Hessian Hussar from Sterzhausen / died as German martyrs by French bullets in Kassel in July, 1809 / Old and young Marburg citizens dedicated this plaque in 1910 in memory of them."

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