World War One and Two Memorial at church in Tuebingen/Lustnau

Pictures and text by Mark R. Hatlie

These pictures were taken on 2 February, 2006 in Lustnau, a part of the city of Tuebingen.

The Lustnau memorial is not at the church, but at the municipal cemetery. It is located right across from the funeral building.
It is a typical construction in that it is a World War One memorial which was later expanded to include the Second World War. The names from the second war are not listed, however.
A pillar stands to the left of the names listed on the wall. On the side of the pillar, very hard to read, are the years of the First World War.
The top of the pillar lists the years of the Second World War and shows the typical design of an abstract figure aiding and comforting a (mortally) wounded figure.
The names for the fallen of the First World War are listed by the places they fell, alphabetically within each catagory. These two plaques list those who fell in France.
Here are those who fell in Belgium and, on the right, in Alsace, Russia and Rumania.
These list those who died in Germany ("in the homeland") of wounds and disease. On the right those who died in Galicia (part of Austria-Hungary) and Serbia as well as names added later who died in France. At the bottom, there is a Bible reference, John 15:13. The verse is not quoted, only cited.

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