Memorial to Fallen Warriors at Camp Lundell in Tarin Kowt

Pictures and text by Stephanie A. Bloomer

The memorial is located on Camp Lundell, the American camp in Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan. This camp was named after one of the men memorialized in this piece of work. There are also two other men recognized in this memorial, each man has a plaque bearing his name, unit, the date and place of his death, and the declaration, "We Will Always Remember". These plaques are all mounted on a pillar, which is at the base of the flag pole, located at the center of the camp. While there is no specific date listed for when the memorial was erected, all three of the men were killed in action during their unit's tour of duty in 2006-2007. I took these photographs on 15 February, 2010. All three of these men belonged to the 205th RSAC.

As you walk up to this memorial, you first notice the American flag. It is at the very center of the camp, and stands almost twice as high as any of the buildings surrounding it. The wall behind the flag reads CAMP LUNDELL in red lettering against a white backdrop.
As you approach the memorial, you will see three plaques. One is located directly under the flag. The other two are centered on a pillar directly below the first plaque. The words CAMP LUNDELL are located to the right and left of the main pillar. There is a short walk way up to the memorial.
The first plaque is oval shaped and located at the base of the flag pole, which rests on top of a pillar. This plaque is dedicated to 2LT Scott Lundell, the man after whom the camp is named, who was killed in action on 25 November, 2006 in Baluchie Valley, Afghanistan.
On the podium below 2LT Lundell's plaque is the phrase "In remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice". Directly below that are two plaques bearing the names of SFC Johnny Walls and SSG Roy Lewsader, who were killed.

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