War Memorial in Cemetery at Heidelberg/Kirchheim

Pictures and text by Mark R. Hatlie

These pictures were taken on January 18th, 2006 in the cemetery in Kirchheim, a part of Heidelberg a little bit outside of town, not far from the American community at Patrick Henry Village.

This ensemble is not located in the center of the cemetery, nor near the entrance as is typically the case in these small towns. It includes a statue of three women as a centerpiece, crosses for the Franco-Prussian and world wars, and, out in front, a memorial to school classmates who died in battle.
The green wreath is from the Association of German War Victims, the gold/black wreath from the city of Heidelberg, the office of the mayor (in the feminine form, indicating that it is not something that the city bought recently), the blue/white wreath reads, In silent remembrance / City Association Kirchheim (Im stillen Gedenken / Stadtverein Kirchheim).
Out in front of the ensemble is this memorial. It reads, For our schoolmates who died (Unseren verstorbenen Schulkameraden). The wreath reads, In Remembrance / Class of 1945/1946 (Im Gedenken / Jahrgang 1945/1945).
This shot shows the candle or torch holders which flank the ensemble. It would have been good to get a shot of them lit.
The statue shows three mourning women. The words along the base read, War Eternal Suffering (Krieg ewig Leid). The women seem a bit like Biblical figures, perhaps Mary and the other women mourning at the cross.
The last three photos are close ups of the three crosses, one for each war. This ensemble must have been built after 1945, but it includes the Franco-Prussian War (shown here), an event more than 70 years past. Perhaps there were elderly people who had lost a father in that war or an earlier memorial to that war was removed and this cross included as a replacement.

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