Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield, Kennsaw, Georgia

Pictures and text by Chris Sallas

The Kennesaw memorial is located in Kennesaw (west metro Atlanta), Georgia. The Kennesaw memorial is a preserved battlefield site.

Information board pertaining to Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston and Union Major General William T. Sherman.
A mountaintop view of Blackjack Mountain, Western & Atlantic Railroad, and Stone Mountain (on the east side of Atlanta.)
A mountaintop view of Chattahoochee River, Marietta, Smyrna, and Atlanta (to the West.).
Memorial for the 14 Georgian Generals of the Confederate States Army who fought in the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain.
Another view of the memorial (added an alternate angle to try and see if the names would show up better in one shot.).
An information sign pertaining to earthworks defended by the Tennessee Army.
Two earthworks that contain cannons.
Information board pertaining to the "Dueling Cannons" tactical movements.
Duelling cannon.
Information board pertaining to the loss of Atlanta.
A view of Atlanta (with Stone Mountain in the distance.).
Information board pertaining to the Atlanta campaign between MG Sherman and GEN Johnston.
A view of the ten-mile long Confederate Armies led by GEN Johnston.
Information board pertaining to the Cannon of Little Kennesaw.

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