Cemetery Section for the Fallen of World War Two in Karlsruhe

Picture and text by Mark R. Hatlie

These pictures were taken on 25 March, 2006 in the main cemetery in Karlsruhe. There is a large circular pathway around the center of the cemetery. The soldiers who fell in the Second World War are buried along the right half of the circle, as seen when approached from the cemetery entrance. The fallen from World War One have their own section near there, near the center, hidden from the path by a tall hedge.

At the head of the row of crosses, there is this stone depicting a weeping woman dropping a branch. It reads, "For the fallen" (Den Gefallenen), 1939-1945.
The crosses are only on the right at first.
At first, it is only a single row.
Each cross bears the first and last name and the years of birth and death.
There are some unknown soldiers buried here as well.
After a while, a second row of graves starts on the right. Behind the hedge on the left, the memorial to the fallen from World War One is visible.
Later it becomes three rows.
Some women are among the dead.

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