Memorial to the Fallen of the Franco-Prussian War in Karlsruhe

Pictures and text by Mark R. Hatlie

These pictures were taken on March 25, 2006, in what is now a park in Karlsruhe. The park is called "Alter Friedhof" (Old Cemetery) and gravestones are still visible along the edges, even near where children's swings are set up. The park is located between Kapellenstrasse and Kriegsstrasse. The memorial to the fallen of 1849 is nearby.

I had asked a passer-by in another part of town whether Karlsruhe had a memorial to the Franco-Prussian War, and he said it didn't. Five minutes later I saw this as I drove by and quickly parked my car. I was quite pleased to be vindicated in this case.

This is the church on the edge of the park, along Kapellenstrasse. The memorial can be seen in the background, on the right.
The plaque on the front reads, "In memory of the Germans who fell in the war of 1870 and 1871 and are buried here in the cemetery. The city of Karlsruhe." (Dem Andenken der hier auf dem Friedhof ruhenden im Kriege der Jahre 1870 und 1871 gefallenen Deutschen. Die Stadt Karlsruhe.).
The side panels listed alphabetically by German state, starting here with Baden, and divided into officers and men. The third panel - see below - is the best photo.
The final panel starts with Prussia, which made up over half of Germany at that time, and ends with Württemberg.

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