Military Cemetery in Heidelberg, Germany

Pictures and text by Michelle Riley

The EhrenFriedhof is located on the top of a hill above Heidelberg, right off the town of Boxberg. I took the pictures on the September 16, 2008. The memorial is dedicated to the soldiers that died in both the First and Second World Wars. I have not been able to find any information as to when it was built.

This is very beginning of cemetery. It is a long path that seems to lead nowhere. There is the marking stating EhrenFreidhof.
The view of the path from the other side.
About 2/3rds the way up the gravel path there is a red round building on the left hand side.
The doorway where you can see through the other side of the round memorial.
On the right side of the entrance is a relief with crosses.
On the inside wall there is another relief of a female angel fighting what appears to be a dragon. There are also wreaths from a ceremony.
Lining the inside of the circle are about 12 plaques with names.
A closer look at the names of the dead. One was etched onto a piece of paper.
A close up look at the ribbons on the wreath.
The other side of the round building. Which has two metal plates on each side of the exit.
The plaque on the right side.
The plaque on the left side.
Close up on the left plaque.
Close up of the statue to the left of the round building.
It is multiple languages.
Close up of the right plaque.
A view of the path leading away from the building. The area is a semi-circle with alternating sections with crosses.
A view of the cemetery with more crosses.
Another section of the cross cemetery.
About 500 meters away the cemetery has a wall with three large crosses (the rest of the crosses are only grouped into twos).
A view of how the crosses are aligned with each other in a row.
A view of the gravestones that line the floor. These are also in semi circle's leading up to the round structure.
A gravestone for an unknown soldier. It is only marked with is date of death.
A view of a gravestone for a known soldier with birth and death date.
Another plaque for "Our dead comrades."
A view from the other side of the cemetery showing the building in relation to the rest of the cemetery.
Another shot showing the outside of the memorial
A shot of the three crosses
The inside upper side of the memorial has etchings on it. (I had to walk back to reach the rest of the cemetery, and I noticed this later).
A close up of the lady with the years of the war 1939-1945
A better view of the message with the plaques in the memorial.
As you walk back on the path and continue down it you see a large altar like stone in the distance.
Lining the vast open area are many smaller altar shaped stones.
A view of the "field" as a whole.
The stones line the entirety of the field.
They also line the walls.
A close up the stones reveals they are also etched with dead soldier's names.
A close up of one the stones with a view of the vast open space in the background.
A shot of the altar which is a memorial as well.
Close up of the engraving
A view from the end of the memorial, it ends a sharp plateau.
A view of the cemetery looking back
A view of the crosses that line the field

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