World War One memorial and counter-memorial in Hamburg-Harburg

Pictures and text by Mark R. Hatlie

These pictures were taken on 26 April, 2007 in the city of Harburg. Harburg is accross the river from Hamburg, but it is now officially part of Hamburg.

The memorial is called Der Soldat ("The Soldier") and was made by Hermann Husaeu in 1932.

The memorial statue stands above a major intersection a few blocks from down town, at the entrance to the old city cemetery.
Near the top of the base, the dates 1914-1918 are visible.
Below, it reads, "In memory and honor of the 2000 sons of the city of Harburg who fell for the fatherland.
In spite of wounds
Ready for the deed today as then
And at all times
For you
The side reads, "Loyalty
is first and last
in heaven and on earth
whosoever invests his whole soul in it will gain the crown
E.M. Arndt
Your dead will live. Is. 26:19
." Arndt is a 19th century poet and song writer who is often quoted on German memorials.
The view from the back shows graffiti reading "Is this civilization?"
Near the top on the back, a cross is discernable.
There is a counter-memorial directly adjacent. The head of a small, bronze statue is barely visible here in the bushes to the left of the soldier. This memorial is discussed at the blog at
It is Hendrik-Andre Schulz's 1988 piece, Trauerndes Kind ("Mourning child"). Some of the helmuts have what appear to be bullet holes.

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