Memorial Courtyard at the National Museum of the Pacific War, Fredericksburg

Two contributors have done this particular memorial. They each show some of the same and some differing details about this site. The contribution by John Blouin is here at the top. Click here to go to down to newer contribution by Craig Kelley.

Pictures and text by John Blouin

This memorial is co-located with the National Museum of the Pacific War and the Admiral Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg, Texas. The memorial consists of 100 year old Texas limestone walls which have over 1000 plaques embedded into the limestone, that were sponsored by loved ones. The plaques vary in size from 5x7 to 20x20 and consist of individuals, ships, and units from all over the U.S. or Allied military branches of service that served in the Pacific Theater during World War II are honored here. The Memorial Wall was dedicated on 7 December 1977. In 2007 major renovations were done on the Memorial Courtyard and the Nimitz Museum. A 27,000 pound screw (propeller blade) from an Essex-class aircraft carrier was placed in the middle of a fountain during the renovation and is now the focal point of the Memorial Courtyard. The Memorial Courtyard is utilized year round for memorial services and public programs with large memorial services conducted on key dates like Memorial Day. The photos listed below were taken on 11 April 2009.

Front of the Nimitz Museum-Memorial Courtyard entrance is off to the left. Located on Main Street in Fredericksburg, TX.
Beginning of Memorial Courtyard. Memorial Wall is on left side.
Start of Memorial Courtyard.
Memorial Dedication Stone which is located at the start of the memorial. The Cain Foundation was one of the major contributors to the construction of the Courtyard.
Dedication Stone with Memorial Courtyard and Wall in background.
Admiral Nimitz Foundation dedication plaque located near front of courtyard. His vision was that this Memorial Wall be dedicated to all those that served in the war.
Left side of Memorial Wall within the Memorial Courtyard. Many plaques here depicting memorials of individuals, units, and ships.
Aviator's memorial-left wall. This is a memorial dedication from 1992 which honors the more than 5,000 aviators which paid the ultimate price to defend America.
Right wall memorials. More dedications/memorials to ships (USS Hornet), units, and individuals that contributed to the Pacific Theater during WWII.
Right hand wall memorials. More memorials of ships (USS Yorktown and Enterprise - Midway and Coral Sea were their main engagements), individuals, units.
Left side of courtyard taken from right side walkway.
Pearl Harbor Memorial which was located towards the rear of the courtyard.
Courtyard overview from beginning with Essex-class propeller in background.
Essex-class screw. The aircraft carrier played a hugely significant role in the Pacific Theater. This is just one of dozens of memorials within this courtyard dedicated to the aircraft carrier.
Close-up of the fountain and screw located towards the rear of courtyard.
Close-up of plaque memorial (Fountain and propeller).
Right side of fountain.
Rear left hand wall memorials.
Right hand corner of rear wall. This section of the wall is roughly 50 feet away from the right side of the fountain.
Left hand corner of rear wall. This section of the wall is roughly 50 feet away from the left side of the fountain.

Memorial Courtyard at the National Museum of the Pacific War, Fredericksburg

Pictures and text by Craig Kelley

The memorial courtyard is located on the grounds of the National Museum of the Pacific War. I took the picture on Monday, February 22nd, 2010 and the memorial holds plagues a fixed to limestone walls honoring the sailors, ships, and units who fought in the Pacific in World War II. The brick pavers in the courtyard also adorn several memorial inscriptions of sailors, ships, and units.

Looking out upon the courtyard from the cover of the gazebo which sets on the North side.
From this corner of the courtyard, the Cain Foundation memorial stone is visible directly in front. Off in the distance are several of the benches which are dedicated to the men and ships participating during the Pacific War. In the distance a giant propeller becomes more visible.
The paver walkway becomes fully visible, along with the limestone walls covered with memorial plagues.
This close up shows the dedication plague from the Cain Foundation.
Now we are heading down the towards the south end of the memorial courtyard.
The close up shows a grouping of engraved pavers dedicated to the men of Pacific War during World War II.
The bench is dedicated to the memory of submariner Bender Jones.
This shot shows the different types of plagues that adorn the limestone walls in the memorial courtyard.
This close up shows a plague dedicated to the Officers and Crew of the U.S.S. Renshaw (DD/DDE 499).
As you turn the corner, even more plaques honoring the memory of the Pacific War veterans come into focus.
This close up shows a plaque dedicated to Arthur Roy Diaz.
A small flag has been placed a one of the plagues honoring a fallen veteran, this is one of the two stone benches flanking the pond in the courtyard.
This shows the area to the left of the Essex's screw, facing south.
The actual screw from the aircraft carrier Essex, which sits in the middle of the limestone pond.
the plague of the Essex's screw
a view to the right of Essex's screw
This is a view from the south facing north of the memorial courtyard.

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