Vietnam War memorial in front of the Airborne Museum at Fort Bragg

Pictures by Patrick Shrier, text by Mark R. Hatlie

These pictures were taken at Fort Bragg in April, 2008. This memorial is in front of the museum directly adjacent to the World War One memorial and the memorial for the fallen in the Global War on Terror.

The front shows the Combat Infantryman Badge[CIB], the Combat Field Medical Badge[CFMB] (With a caduceus on it), and the Parachutist Badge. The text above reads, "Nothing is dearer than life, but nothing is more precious than to live it in freedom / In memory of our fallen comrades 3D BDE 82D ABN DIV Republic of Vietnam Feb 1968 Dec 1969".
The names of the fallen are listedn on the sides. The boots, weapon and helmut in the glass case are real, but bronzed and in a glass case to preserve them. They recall the improvised memorials to the fallen made in the field.

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