War memorial at St. Nicholas' Church in Feltwell

Pictures and text by Chad J. Patterson

This memorial is thee War Graves Plot with The Cross of Sacrifice is in the northwest corner of the cemetery behind St. Nicholas Church. During World War II, there was a need to bury the dead from RAF Feltwell because of German attacks on the base and village (of the same name). On October 7, 1949, The Cross of Sacrifice was dedicated to those that gave their lives during the Second World War. The photographs were taken on November 18, 2009.

The first photograph was taken from the entrance into the War Graves Plot and shows the three rows of headstones and The Cross of Sacrifice.
This picture shows the very top of The Cross in which you can see a metal sword.
This picture is from the back right corner of the site and shows the entrance and rows of headstones.
This picture is from the back left corner of the site and shows the remainder of the headstones.

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