War memorial at St. Mary's Church in Feltwell

Pictures and text by Chad J. Patterson

This is a small memorial on the grounds of St. Mary's Church in Feltwell, England and was dedicated on December 12, 1920 for Feltwellians that gave their lives during World War I and their bodies not returned home. The photos were taken on November 18, 2009.

This photo was taken in the front left corner of the War Memorial grounds. It includes the War Memorial and the plaque for the Royal New Zealand Air Force.
This photo is of the cross and dedication at the War Memorial.
This includes the names of World War II service members that were added later.
Beginning of the list of Feltwellians that died and which regiment they served with.
The remainder of the World War I service members.
This is a photo of the plaque for the Royal New Zealand Air Force in the back right corner of the grounds.
A clearer picture of the plaque showing dedication date of November 2003.

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