War memorial in Ely

Pictures and text by Jennifer Pacheco

The Memorial is nestled inside the medieval walls surrounding the Cathedral grounds in Ely, Cambridgeshire. The location is on the High Street directly across from the market square. This memorial was unveiled on 30 April, 1922 in honor of the local British who died in World War I. It was later added upon to remember those who died in World War II and up to the present day. The date of this addition is unknown, but it seems that the original plaque in the middle commemorating the fallen of WWII is original, but then was added upon directly above it to commemorate those lost in more recent wars. There are two newly added names to the plaque. The pictures were all taken 10 May, 2010.

Approaching Ely from the Suffolk Countryside. The Cathedral is named the ship of the Fens as it appears to be a giant ship resting atop the Fens.
Plaque recognizing the fallen of WWII
The names from World War Two...
Plaque remembering those fallen in WWI.
Names of those lost...
Recently added plaque remembering those lost from 1945 to the present
View of the memorial with the cathedral behind
A child plays in front of the memorial
View of High Street, Ely

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