World War One and Two Memorial for Fraternity Brothers in Darmstadt

Pictures and text by Mark R. Hatlie

These pictures were taken on 12 February, 2006 in the forest cemetery in Darmstadt. The marker is somewhat hidden from view by trees and bushes. It is the memorial for the fallen members of the student fraternity "Cheruskia". It apparently started as a World War One memorial for eight men but was re-defined after the next war to include the later conflict.

One side shows the coat of arms of the student fraternity Cheruskia (three times). The large text along the bottom reads, "Cheruskia for her fallen fraternity brothers" The newer text, apparently added later below the coats of arms, reads, With faith in a happier future for their people and their fatherland, 78 Darmstadt Cherusker and Danzig Prussians fell in the world war 1939-1945". I am not sure what the reference to Danziger Preussen (Danzig Prussians) means. The only information I can find for that name is about a sports team. It doesn't "sound" like a related student fraternity.
The other side has the names, units, places and dates of death for eight fallen from the First World War. The text along the bottom reads simply, "They died for Germany". There were presumably too many dead and too little space for the fallen in World War Two.
Not far from the fraternity marker I found this unrelated marker to a man who fell in World War One. The helmut and equipment seem to indicate that the man may have been a pilot, although the propellor typical of other pilot graves is missing (see, for example, this marker in Tuebingen).

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