World War One and Two Memorial at Church in Tuebingen/Buehl

Pictures and text by Mark R. Hatlie

These pictures were taken on 7 February, 2006 in Buehl, a small town which is officially part of the nearby city of Tuebingen. There is no memorial in the local cemetery.

This is the view looking down from the steps of the church.
Here's the view from the other direction, looking back up at the church.
The soldier figure stands below the dates of World War One, 1914-1918, above the words, "for the fallen". He is in full uniform and is wearing the 1916-1918 steel helmut, but carries no other equipment and no arms.
The list on the wall begins with the fallen of World War One, listed by year. The Leukart clan lost six men.
The list continues with the dead of World War Two, also by year. The dramatic increase in casualties over the course of the war is typical. Several families suffered greatly (Hoenle, Kessler, Leukart again).
The last seven names are the missing.

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