Memorial to the Holocaust in Berlin

Pictures and text by Jarrett Pierce

These pictures were taken on 28 November 2009. The site was finished in December 2004.

This first photo is taken from the beginning of the site, where the blocks are not very high. You can see how the blocks elevate and become higher as if you were walking down the site, these can be seen in the main two rows of the photo. If you look at the row that to the left of the first main row, you can just see where the rows peak, and then start to become lower in height.
The second photo shows how the memorial is amongst toin the city, as there are taxis and buildings behind it. This shot is taken at an angle, and if you look in the middle, and then move your eyes to the right, you can see the blocks progress in size. You can tell the blocks on the end are not very big as there are people in the back that stand taller than them.
The third photo takes place directly in the middle of the site. It is a close up of standing right next to the tallest blocks of the site. The ground is made of stone, and leaves have been blown in and around the site. You can get an idea from this photo as to how tall the blocks are in the middle of the site, as you can compare it to the two ladies standing next to them. This would be a great place for hide-and-seek, as that has been done before at this site.

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