War Memorial at the Piazza Municipio, Aversa, Italy

Pictures and text by Kelly Carling

Before the second world war, the area that today is the Piazza Municipio e Piazza don Diana, was part of the extensive grounds of the Cappucin convent. The whole area was farmland, and beneath it were spacious caves in which the monks kept their stores of food. These caves extend under most of Piazza Municipio and can be accessed by a trap door right by the printer's shop at the corner. The caves have in recent years been cause for concern, as the whole area is unstable and has already caved in in certain areas. The actual municipal building was the monks' sleeping quarters, and in the adjoining San Francesco convent lived the nuns.

After the war the grounds of the convent were covered by flagstones, that are today still paving the area.

At the center of the pizza facing the municipal building is the area where the monument stands and it is surrounded by a small planted area. The monument itself cast of bonze and is set on a marble pedestal. On two sides are two plaques commemorating those who lost their lives in battle. The monument was actually unveiled on the 18 of November 1936 to commemorate the soldiers that died during the first world warFirst World War. The other plaque on the base was added later to include those who lost their lives during the second world warSecond World War. There is also a little altar with an eternal candle burning. The monument itself was done by the well known local sculptor Francesco Ierace. The sculpture represents three soldiers at the moment of attack, and at the top, the winged statue of Victory, armed and triumphant, crowns the masterpiece.

A view of the Piazza, with the municipal building in the background
This plaque translates to: "National Association of Infantry(men) Who Fell in All the Wars".
Here is a closer view of the three soldiers, one in particular a bugler, as well as the angel Victory above them.

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