Veterans Memorial in Ashby, Minnesota

Pictures and text by Mark R. Hatlie

These pictures were taken on 7 June, 2006 in Ashby, Minnesota. The markers stand on the lawn near the main road, just outside the cemetery on the edge of town.

The centerpiece is an arrangement of five steles among the flag poles of the five military service branches and an American flag.
the dedication stone in front
The back of the dedication stone, the side facing inward toward the flags, has a poem.
The five steles or stones are also dedicated to the five services.
Each of them has the emblem of one of the services along with the date that service was created and, in some cases, a motto.
The base of the center flagpole is a pentagon indicating five core values.
Off to the side of the center ensemble there is a cross, an upright stone slab, and a bell. The wording above the bell reads, "Let Freedom Ring."
One side of the slab is abstract...
...the other side more concrete in its wording.

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