Antietam National Cemetery, Sharpsburg, Maryland

Picture and text by Mark R. Hatlie

These pictures were taken on 18 June, 2006 at the Antietam National Cemetery. There were no other visitors there, so the scene was quite good for photos.

This is a view from just inside the entry gate.
Here is a map of the cemetery including some background information. It is not solely a Civil War cemetery.
The central statue. I could not see a date of dedication, nor a name of an artist. It reads, "Not for themselves, but for their country. September 17, 1862" (the date of the battle of Antietam).
The 4th New York Volunteers put up their own regimental memorial.
It lists all the battles in which the regiment fought.
The 20th New York Regimental memorial is bilingual.
One side is in German...
...the other side has the same text in English. Many of the soldiers buried here have German names (see below).
There are also a few women buried here.
This large, 20th century headstone was added long after the cemetery was supposedly closed to new buriels.
Some graves still get special attention from visitors.
This is a view from the back wall of the cemetery. One of the regimental battlefield markers from the Antietam Battlefield is visible as an obelisk in the background. Like dozens of other markers in the area, it marks the location where that regiment fought during the battle.
There are lots of German names among the headstones.
This bench was probably dedicated for the 75th anniversary of the battle. It reads, "Presented in 1937. In sacred memory of hte Union soldiers of the Civil War by the Auxilery to the Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War".

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