Memorial to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in Adana, Turkey

Pictures and text by David Wagner

I took the pictures 1OCT at the memorial site in eastern Adana. Surrounding the memorial park is a bustling city including shops, restaurants and many condo buildings. Considering the fact Adana is still a new city and is not very modernized. The appearance of the park makes it seem out of place. Many Turks are unsure when the memorial was built, however, judging by the dates on the memorial, it was during or after 1935. The memorial is dedicated to Mustafa Kemal.

This is a picture of the front of the memorial taken from about 70 feet away. The tallest column depicts Ataturk dressed in his military uniform. Additionally, there are two smaller statues on lower platforms to the side.
This is located on the right side of the large center pillar. Kurtulus means independence. In Turkey they write the date's, dd/mm/yyyy. So, this is a way to recognize the Turkish Independence Day of January 5, 1922.
This is located on the left side of the large center pillar. Kurulus means establishment. January 5, 1935 is when the Republic of Turkey was established as a country. This is a way to celebrate that.
This is what I believe to be a direct quote from Ataturk. Loosely translated, "When I first came to this city, it gave me the inspiration to protect this country. For Adana is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Adana, 15MAR1923, Ataturk Mustafa Kemal" The language is actually Old Turkish. Ataturk did not formally request the language change until 1926 and it was not approved for use until 1930.
The statue on the right of the monument. It depicts a soldier preparing to leave for war. He is holding a flag and a woman is kneeling in front of him.
The statue on the left of the monument. It depicts two soldiers who are engaged in battle. They are dressed in what appears to be Ottoman style clothingTurkish uniforms. The man on the left appears to have suffered a wound. The other has a head dress on and has his hand outstretched.
This man is located behind Ataturk, facing away from him. It is a man wearing only a cloth around his waist. His hand is above his head holding five arrows.
My amateur attempt to capture the area surrounding the monument. Spotless.

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