First Division Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Pictures and text by Mark R. Hatlie

These pictures were taken on 15 June, 2006 near the "elipse" by the White House, near the Mal in Washington, D.C.

This is the view from the street - in the morning, when the sun gets in your camera.
One of the two walls flanking the central column is dedicated to the fallen from World War Two.
A metal plaque in the ground lists the smaller units which were part of the First Division.
To the left and the right, up on the wall, the names of the men who fell in battle are listed. There are approximately 600 names per plaque by my estimate.
The opposite wall is dedicated to the fallen of the Vietnam War and is arranged according to the same pattern: Central raised wall with dedication, plaque in the ground for the organic units of the division, and the names of the fallen on large plaques to the sides.
Near the Vietnam side, in the flower bed, there is a small plaque for the division's losses in the Iraq War of 1991.
The organic units in Vietnam.
a view from the side
the center
the names of the fallen in Vietnam
Here,the men are listed by military unit within the division.
The centerpiece of the memorial is a column erected after the First World War.
The north side of the column has the emblem of the division - the "Big Red One" - and remarks about the heroism of the unit.
The east side lists campaigns the unit fought in in Europe.
The west side lists more campaigns.
The south side reads, "Erected by the Memorial Association of the First Division and patriotic friends to the memory ofthe dead of the division who gave their lives in the World War that the liberty and the ??? of our country might endure".
The large brass plates around the base of the column list the "immortal dead".
This is the view looking south, toward the Mall. The "Big Red One" is depicted in the flower bed.
from the direction of the Mall, looking back toward the memorial
the top of the column

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